Our vision is to tell 1,000 new stories of lives changed by the love of Jesus by 2025.

“To tell”

In Jesus’ last words to His disciples He entrusts HIS story to them and to us. As Christ followers we are telling the greater story of God through our stories. To let the world know of God’s relentless love that desires to draw everyone into a relationship with Himself. Our vision invites our church community to be courageous in telling their story to those who don’t know Him by modeling the life of Jesus.


Why 1,000 new stories?

It gives us something to aim for and to measure whether we are accomplishing our vision. It’s not just a number. Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God!


What are the “stories” we are celebrating?

These stories are about people who are coming into a new relationship with Jesus. Each story is a life that is choosing to turn from their current life and walking in a new direction. It may be someone who has never known Jesus before who is now in relationship with Him. Or, it may be someone who has been in the church all their life, but has just now understood the significance of following Jesus (1 John 2:6 “If we say we are his, we must follow the example of Christ.” (CEV).


I’m already a follower of Jesus, does my story count in the 1,000 stories?

Our stories matter as they are the beginning of seeing our goal of 1,000 new stories. The transformation that you have experienced was given to you by God, and now others can experience that same transformation through hearing your story. While the 1,000 stories are specific to people who have just made a commitment to be a disciple of Jesus, all of our stories are key to seeing the vision become a reality.




My Story

Everyone has a story. Our story has been rewritten by the hand of our loving God. What’s your story?
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Thank you for sharing your story with us!!!