Beyond Sundays

During the week we gather together as Small Groups or at Connection Points in our homes, coffee shops, and the Family Room downtown.  Read about our Small Groups and Connection Points below.  Click here for our calendar.

Small Groups

Throughout scripture, we see a common theme of family. God is our Father, Jesus His son, and we are His children. There is something beautiful about this imagery.
Small groups are our way to reflect the image we see in scripture in everyday life. We meet outside of Sundays in different locations around our city. Our purpose is to encourage relationships with each other, to grow in our love for God, and to live out our unique purpose for Him.

Check out our Small Groups here.


Connections Points

We meet at the Family Room during the week for times of discipleship and spiritual growth. These are also a time of community as we come together and get to know one another better.

Check out our Connection Points here.