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Zoom Groups

Online groups are ways we are continuing to function in community.

What are Zoom groups?

A group of three to twelve people gathering regularly through a Zoom call doing life together facilitated by curriculum or discussion guides, and training from our church. 

What does a typical Zoom Group look like?

Most Zoom Groups either watch a video teaching/read material prior to their slotted meeting time. During a Zoom Group they use the discussion questions provided with the video teaching or materials to guide the conversation. Meetings start with prayer and end with prayer requests. There is usually always time for open conversations prior to the meeting and after the conclusion of the group time. You can see the typical itinerary below. I do want to highlight Zoom Groups are not too different from small groups that meet in homes. The only differences are the medium they are gathering on and instead of watching the video teaching together the lesson is watched prior to gathering.

Pre-Meeting Log on and open conversation

Start Opening Prayer

Middle Talk through guided discussion questions from video/book

End Highlight video to watch for next week and prayer requests

Post-Meeting Log off and open question

How do Zoom Groups typically meet?

We are encouraging community through the Zoom platform. While there are other options that are text-based platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, or Facebook Groups, or even FaceTime. However, our desire is to keep our communication and strategy simple by directing everyone to Zoom Groups. We desire our groups to gather regularly and tend to not restrict how they meet. We understand that bandwidth can be an issue causing problems with video meetings. Additionally, showing a face on camera can be a big step to a new follower of Jesus. 

What is the ministry strategy with Zoom Groups?

We have a desire for all of online small groups to eventually be part of a face to face home group. Our pastoral responsibility is to slowly encourage our text-based groups to meet on an audio platform, our audio-only groups to become video-based, and over time start a face to face group in their home.


We are in the process of arranging for kids to also meet online through Zoom during the week. If you have a child that you would like to connect to this group, contact our Children's Ministry Director, Calley to hear about the next Hangout. Click HERE to email Calley.