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Kids Resources

Here are some resources that you and your littles can use and enjoy!

Fostering Faith at Home

We know that sometimes, making what your kiddos learnt on Sunday morning doesn't stop on Sunday morning is hard. Here are some ideas that you can lead as a family. Remember - you are the most important teacher and greatest influence in your child's life. This includes the development of their faith!

Read the Bible together as a family. Kids get a turn to read aloud too! 

Parents can lead a family devotion time. Some printable devotion examples

Have a worship dance party. Put on praise music or use kids worship songs found on YouTube.

Popular sites are offering  free classes and activities during the day! Start dreaming up ways to practice their newfound skills at church and for the community! 

Parents can lead a Bible craft with their kids. We have lots of craft ideas

Video Resources!

These are the main four songs we use for worship at Kids City! We encourage you to worship with your child on their level! This can include: actions, dance parties, quiet contemplation, and sometimes even an explanation of big words used in the song!

We Thank You - Saddleback Kids
I Believe in Jesus - Saddleback Kids
Lift You Up - Saddleback Kids
King of My Dreams - Saddleback Kids

Here are some Bible stories and lessons to watch at home!

Lesson on Parables #1
Parables Lesson #2
Parables Lesson #3
Parables Lesson #4
Parables Lesson #5

Online Learning and Brain Boosting Resources!

Boredom Busters!

Create a Scavenger Hunt! 

Make a list of items for the kids to find around the house

(these can be everyday things or ones you have intentionally hidden). 

Give your child the checklist and send them off!

When they find an item they can either check it off the list or place all the items in a bag. Have some kind of mini reward/incentive for the child when they finish.

Indoor Camping

Set up a tent (or build a blanket fort) in the living room and have an indoor campout! You can lay out some sleeping bags, play some board games and maybe make some s’mores! For real effect use your phone to play some campfire or wilderness sounds off YouTube! 


 DIY Puppets

Find an old sock, some yarn, markers, glue, google eyes, whatever else

you have lying around and get creative making your own sock puppets!

When you’re done put on a sock puppet show for the house!

Make a Movie 

Talk to you kids about their favorite movies, then encourage them to come up with their own movie idea! They can write out a script, create costumes from whatever is around the house, and then use your phone or camera to film it. When it is done load it onto the computer, maybe pop some popcorn and put on your comfiest pyjamas and make a little family movie night of it ☺